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Uber for Breakups

As this article explains, "You can now pay a stranger to end things with your significant other." The Atlantic explains The Breakup Shop's services, "For $10, you can buy a text sent to your significant other informing him or her of the cessation of your affection. For $20 you can buy … an actual letter announcing the breakup. … $30 for a letter that features names, explanations, and other details that will help to drive home the facts that 1) this is over, and 2) this is not a joke." But as Megan Garber argues in the article, "The Breakup Shop may be efficient and, to a degree, even useful. But: Is it a system fit for humans?"

Possible Preaching Angle:

Yes, the service provides closure for a relationship but this service has no room for empathy or even human decency. Are we coming to the point where we have to rely on technology to do everything for us?


Megan Garber, “Uber for Breakups,” The Atlantic (11-12-15)

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