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I was Color-blind, Now I See

An ABC News story reported on a Pennsylvania man who received a special gift—a pair of glasses that helped him see his children clearly for the first time. According to the story, "Opie Hughes, who has red and green colorblindness, was given a special pair of EnChroma glasses by his family, including his sister Katherine Empey. The Erie family had banded together to start an online fundraiser to buy the $350 pair of glasses for Hughes."

In the video, Hughes told his children to look at him so he could clearly see their eye color. Give credit to Hughes' sister, Katherine. She organized the fundraising, ordered the special glasses, and filmed his reaction. Ms. Empey said, "I was immediately like, 'He can see it now,'" she said of the colors. "He's my best friend, we do everything together … It's definitely a weight off my shoulders."

Possible Preaching Angle:

Wouldn't it be great if every Christian was that excited about bringing spiritual sight to our friends and neighbors?


Staff, “Watch this colorblind dad see his kids and the world around him in color for the first time,” Yahoo (5-14-15)

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