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The Behemoth of Fantasy Football

So, how's your fantasy team shaping up? A recent article on Fox Business takes stock of the United States' fantasy football phenomenon—a mania that's consumed countless hours, and is an industry worth seven billion dollars, according to one research team. All that money goes to a booming fantasy industry—filled with scouting reports, insider magazines, draft conventions, and even entire cable channels dedicated to the pastime. (About 59.3 million people in USA and Canada play some form of fantasy sports throughout the year.)

Possible Preaching Angle:

Think for a moment of the sheer magnitude of this collected time, energy, research, and money. Cumulatively, there are entire human lifetimes—incalculable hours and moments—and vast fortunes going toward a particularly abstract form of entertainment. I'm not here to hate on fantasy leagues but stats like these are a powerful reminder that our lives are supposed to be about more than dreaming about imaginary draft picks. What could we do if we directed all that energy in a more productive direction? What does it say about our sense of collective stewardship? What does our entertainment say about our hearts?

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