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Rise in ER Visits for Energy Drink Abuse

More than 20,000 people went to the ER in 2011 with anxiety, rapid heartbeat, seizures, or heart attacks after downing "energy drinks." That was twice the number of energy drink-related ER visits from four years earlier. More than half the patients had negative reactions to the drinks alone, which include Monster, Red Bull, and Rockstar, while others experienced trouble after combining them with alcohol or prescription drugs, usually stimulants. A spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians said, "[People] don't realize the strength of these things."

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Power; Strength; Holy Spirit; Pentecost—We're all looking for power and energy, but true power, pure power, comes from God's Spirit. (2) Limits; Balance; Rest—This story also shows the unbalanced drive in our culture that propels us to live beyond our God-given limits.

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