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A Son Watches His Mom Obey the Lord

When I was in junior high and high school, we had a neighbor two doors down named Beard Miller. Since his wife had died, he had lived on his own. Then he developed a nasty case of painful shingles.

One day my mom was praying, and she heard the Lord say to her, "Feed the hungry." She thought, How can I feed the hungry? Then she realized, I can make dinner and send it down the street for Beard.

Every night, she would make an extra amount for dinner. Then about 6:00, when we were ready to sit down for dinner, she would put together a plate with Beard's dinner, a small bowl with salad, and a small plate with dessert. She would load all that into a large cardboard box lid that functioned as a serving tray, and then cover it with foil or a dishtowel to keep it warm.

Then she would look at me and say, "Would you carry this down to Beard?"

I would walk down the street, knock on his door, and wait while he hobbled over and opened it. Beard always got a big smile when he saw me, because he knew, This is by far the best meal of my day.

My mom did that every single night. Even when she was traveling, she figured out a way for him to get a meal. For three years, until Beard's health declined and he had to go to a nursing home, she obeyed what the Lord had asked, and she fed the hungry.

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