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Documentary Asks, What Is Truth?

The Nature of Existence is a 2010 documentary that asks and attempts to answer some of life's biggest questions. One of the segments is on truth. One particular scene begins with the word truth on the screen and a drawing of a man with his fingers crossed behind his back as if he is concealing something. The narrator asks questions, and various people answer.

Narrator: Can you define the word truth?

Unnamed man: No, I think it's like pornography. You know it when you see it.

Hindu cleric, speaking in his native tongue (subtitles): By worshiping God you can find the truth.

Tao cleric (subtitles): Anything that runs counter to Tao will not be truth.

Narrator: What is truth?

Bobby Gaylor, musician: What people don't want to hear.

Alan F. Segal, professor of religion, Columbia University: When somebody claims to know the truth, and claims to be able to tell it to you, the first thing you should do is check to see if you still have your watch, because that's the prelude to getting taken.

Jim Murphy, champion drag racer: I've had a pretty messed up childhood, and God gave me the faith of a small child. I totally believe. It's all in my heart. I know my knower knows there's a God, and he's in charge of everything. I just know that. To me that's faith.

Julia Sweeney, author, Letting Go of God: In science, you don't use words like truth. You say, "Closer to truth."

Irvin Kershner, director, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: Only art comes close to trying to answer truth.

Unnamed man: The opposite of faith is a tendency to ask questions.

12-year-old child: I think truth is what we're all searching for, isn't it? Even though, sometimes, it's more fun to search for it than actually find it.

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