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Survey on Top Temptations

A 2011 study tracked the top temptations Americans face. The people surveyed said they struggled with the following temptations either "often" or "sometimes":

  • Worrying or being anxious—60 percent
  • Procrastinating or putting things off—60 percent
  • Eating too much—55 percent
  • Spending too much time on media—44 percent
  • Being lazy—41 percent
  • Spending more money than they could afford—35 percent
  • Gossiping about others—26 percent
  • Being jealous or envious of others—24 percent
  • Viewing pornography or sexually explicit material—18 percent
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs—11 percent

When asked if they tried to do anything specific to avoid giving in to a temptation, 41 percent said yes and 59 percent said no.

When people were asked why they give in to temptations, the top four reasons were:

  • I am not really sure—50 percent
  • To escape or get away from "real life"—20 percent
  • To feel less pain or loneliness—8 percent
  • To satisfy other people's expectations of me—7 percent

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