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Survey Identifies Money as the Cause of Most Marital Fights

According to a 2012 national telephone survey, couples fight about one issue more than any other—finances. The survey revealed the following stats for married couples (or for those who are living together):

  • On average couples fight about money at least three times per month. That made it the most volatile topic, ahead of arguments about children, chores, work, or friends.
  • As couples age, they generally argue about money more often.
  • The most common cause for money arguments (58 percent) focused on differing opinions of "needs" versus "wants."
  • 49 percent of couples argue about unexpected expenses, and 32 percent argue about insufficient savings.
  • Thirty percent of adults who are married (or living with a partner) have engaged in at least one deceitful behavior related to their finances (such as hiding purchases).
  • But despite all the conflict about money, 55 percent of couples said they do not set aside time on a regular basis to talk about financial issues.

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