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School Officials Recognize an "Epidemic of Cheating" Among Students

School officials are calling it a new "epidemic of cheating" among students. But there's also a new twist to the current wave of student cheating: it's driven by sophisticated and hard-to-catch technological gadgets. Greg Toppo writes:

[There are] dozens of videos that lay out step-by-step instructions [for cheating on tests]: One three-minute segment shows how to digitally scan the wrapper of a soft drink bottle, then use photo editing software to erase the nutrition information and replace it with test answers or handy formulas. That video has gotten nearly 7 million hits.

According to Common Sense Media, more than 35 percent of teenagers with cell phones have used the devices to cheat on an exam. One company will even overnight-mail a kit that turns a cell phone into a hands-free personal cheating device. The kit's tiny wireless earbuds allow test-takers to phone a friend during a test and get answers remotely without putting down a pencil.

A college consultant from New York contends, "[Cheating] is literally all over the country …. This is about pressures that kids are feeling at school—the pressure to do well, the pressure to get into a good college."

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