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Whining Cats Illustrate Our Disobedience

The cats in my house sure live a cushy life. Recently, as my cats watched beautiful snowflakes falling from above, they wanted to go outside and enjoy it. I tried to tell them that they don't really want to go outside, and that it's in their best interest to stay inside. I tried to tell them that it's cold out there and they aren't used to the cold and eventually they'd freeze to death. But they sat there whining in such a pitiful tone that I, out of sheer distraction, let them out. In minutes, they wanted back in. Then, minutes later, they again noticed the snow falling and wanted back out. I call them the Yoyo creatures.

These cats pray to me, their lord and master, for what they think they just have to have. It's fairly clear that they think I exist solely to give what they desire. They covet the snow. And I explain to them: "You think you want out, but I know something you don't understand. Stay in here with me. It's warm and safe in here, and you will find rest for your souls. And while you're at it, stop fighting over the water bowl. I promise plenty of water for you."

In our relationship with God, aren't we just like those cats? As Isaiah almost said, "All we like sheep (or cats) have gone astray, we have all turned to our own way" (Isaiah 53:6).

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