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Tiger Woods Admits Mistakes

In a 2010 Newsweek column, golfer Tiger Woods offered an honest evaluation of his mistakes. Ultimately, sin affects our relationship with God; but Woods did get repentance half-right: our sin also hurts other people, sometimes even the people we love the most. The following excerpt contains some sound reflections on our need to make amends and rely on others:

Last November everything I thought I knew about myself changed abruptly, and what others perceived about me shifted too … . My life was out of balance, and my priorities were out of order. I made terrible choices and repeated mistakes. I hurt people whom I loved the most. And even beyond accepting the consequences and responsibility, there is the ongoing struggle to learn from my failings.
At first, I didn't want to look inward. Frankly, I was scared of what I would find—what I had become … . Golf is a self-centered game, in ways good and bad. So much depends on one's own abilities. But for me, that self-reliance made me think I could tackle the world by myself. It made me think that if I was successful at golf, then I was invincible. Now I know, that no matter how tough or strong we are, we need to rely on others.

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