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Toys 'R' Us Plans a Visionary 'Outreach' this Christmas

Toys "R" Us will be reaching out to you soon. Due to the economic downturn and tough competition, the toy chain has started to change their strategy. Specifically, in 2010 Toys "R" Us plans to "invade" shopping malls around the country by opening 600 express stores and hiring 10,000 part-time seasonal employees. Rather than waiting for customers to come to their traditional stores, they are finding ways to reach out.

It's all part of their big vision to share their products with the world. According to CEO Gerald Storch, "We've been very aggressive [about reaching people] during the economic downturn, and this is another aggressive action." Spurred on by last year's success, they're not asking, "How can we survive this year?" Instead, they're trying to make an impact by asking, "How big can we make this?" It's an impressive display of creative, visionary thinking about how to reach people where they're at.

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