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A Church Building Gets 'Converted' into a Luxurious Home

It was an online description of a real estate listing in Dallas. The headline just said, "Converted church." Once it had been a church, now it was somebody's house. According to John Whiteside, the realtor showing the house, "De-sanctified churches are the number-one type of building converted to residential use." Whew! That's something of a mind-bender for Christians who call each other brother and sister, and talk about their church home.

The article said, "The altar has been adapted for use as a granite and stainless steel themed kitchen, in homage to the cooking gods." That's the words they used—"in homage to the cooking gods"! It went on, "The choir loft has been rewired for a home theater." There was no baptistery, but there was a soaking tub—and, among other things, a game room, a music room and an exercise studio. All this for about $2 million!

Oh, and the 15,000 square foot church/home now has 11 bedrooms. Nice to know the folks there can sleep comfortably, once the church has been "de-sanctified" and "converted."

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