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Researchers Report on the Wonders of Marine Life

After a decade of research involving nearly 3,000 researchers, scientists have presented the first Census of Marine Life. The researchers discovered 6,000 new species, bringing the total number of known marine species to 250,000. The highlights ranged from the bizarre to the beautiful—600-year-old tube worms, herring that swim in formations as large as Manhattan, the "yeti crab" which features long downy claws like fur mittens, a jellyfish with a Darth Vader like helmet, and another jellyfish that uses "lights" to "scream" for help.

The scientists who worked closely with the project were constantly surprised—and even stunned—by the diversity, abundance and beauty of what Christians would call God's creation. One of the vice-chairs for the project said, "Life astonished us everywhere we looked … . The discoveries of new species and habitats both advanced science and inspired artists with their extraordinary beauty." Another amazed scientist said, "The most surprising thing was the beauty … . Our eyes pumped out of our heads in front of this beauty."

Despite their deep awe and wonder, the researchers cautioned that at least 20 percent of the ocean's volume has yet to be explored. One researcher confessed that even after ten years of hard work, they still only have "snapshots" of the diversity and beauty of creation under the sea.

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