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What Should We Really Fear?

Fear can be paralyzing, causing much anxiety. However, some fears and worries are misplaced and not based on fact. Newsweek magazine recently made a comparison of "threats" of which people have an inaccurate perspective. The list illustrates well our sometimes unfounded or misplaced fears and worries:

  • Murders: 14,180 (2008)—Suicides: 33,289 (2006)
  • Children abducted by strangers: 115 (1999)—Children who drown in pools: 288 (2006)
  • Burglaries: 2.2 million (2007)—Identity thefts: 8.3 million (2005)
  • Shark attacks: 28 (2009)—Dog bites: 4.5 million (estimate)
  • Americans killed in terrorist attacks worldwide: 33 (2008)—Americans who die from seasonal flu: 36,171 (est.)
  • Deaths by allergic reaction to peanuts: 50-100 (est.)—Deaths by unintentional poisoning: 27,531 (2006)
  • Fatalities in airline accidents: 321 (2005)—Fatalities in car crashes: 34,017 (2008)

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