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A Christian's Courage Exalts God

In a sermon entitled "Courage," pastor and author Mark Buchanan shares a funny story that reminds us how our courage—or lack thereof—can cast God in a positive or negative light to others:

A few years ago at a Willow Creek Summit, Jack Groppel, who works with leaders to hone optimum performance, showed two video clips. The first video was of a group of NFL linebackers. When they showed up for some training at Groppel's center in the swamplands of Florida, Groppel had an assignment for them: all the linebackers were to run to the perimeter fence of the center, either fetch a ribbon from a post or tie a ribbon to a post (I can't recall which), and then run back to base camp. Groppel then added one final, important detail: a wild boar had been spotted in the forest that morning. He explained how dangerous wild boars can be and how they all needed to be on high alert.
Off they went. Now, in preparation for the activity, a cameraman had been planted along the forest trail, hiding behind the bushes. When you watch the video of what took place that day, these massive linemen come around the bend looking panicky. At that point the cameraman begins to snort and rustle the bushes. The football players each turn tail and run, squealing like schoolgirls.
Then Groppel showed us another video clip. It was of the same training scenario, only this time it's with CIA operatives. At the point where those operatives come around the bend and the alleged wild boar starts snorting and rustling, each operative gets into combat position and holds his ground.
Now you tell me—whose organization was most exalted by the courage of its members?

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