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Dutch Artist Creates Cell Phone Number for God

In March of 2009, Dutch artist Johan van der Dong decided God needed a telephone number. So, he got him one. A cell phone number to be exact—to show that God was "available anywhere and anytime." "In earlier times you would go to a church to say a prayer," Dong said in an interview, "and now [this is an] opportunity to just make a phone call and say your prayer in a modern way."

It seems a lot of people appreciate the opportunity Dong has afforded them with his "divine hotline." Within one week, over 1,000 people left God a message.

On one hand, it's pretty thrilling to know that over 1,000 people want to connect to God. On the other hand, you have to wonder how people will feel once the "connection" is made. You see, when you call the number Dong has set up for God, this is what you hear on the other side of the line: "This is the voice of God. I am not able to speak to you at the moment, but please leave a message." That doesn't exactly convey the idea of a God who is "available anywhere and anytime," does it? To make matters worse, Dong plans on keeping the line open for just six months.

When you think about it, Dong has really only managed to connect people to an altogether disconnected God.

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