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"Resurrecting the Champ": Behave Like Your Child Is Watching

Resurrecting the Champ is based on the true story of up-and-coming sports reporter Eric Kerman (Josh Hartnett). After rescuing a homeless man (Samuel L. Jackson) from a dangerous fight with some rowdy teens, Kerman discovers that "Champ," as everyone calls him, might be boxing legend Bob Satterfield. Most people in the world of sports had long believed Satterfield had quietly passed away. After Kerman publishes a blockbuster story about Champ, he discovers the homeless man is actually an imposter. In this scene Kerman's wife, Joyce (Kathryn Morris), encourages him to do the right thing and tell the truth—especially in light of the fact that their son, Teddy (Dakota Goyo), looks up to his father. Eric, however, is having trouble letting go of his newfound fame. He's been offered a new job, and the story continues to bring him great fortune.

"Who would it hurt?" Eric asks in reference to the fabricated story.

"You, for one," Joyce replies.

"It wouldn't hurt me if nobody knew about it," says Eric. "Let me ask you a question. How many newspapers print articles with errors in them every day in the U.S.? It's already done, Joyce. It's printed. It's out there."

"Then print a retraction," Joyce urges.

"I can't just do that. People sent in money to Champ."

"Then give it back," she says.

"I can't!" Eric replies. "I don't even know where half of it comes from. It's not just the money."

"The Showtime job?" Joyce asks.

"Joyce, the point in the article is still true."

"Eric—it's a lie. I mean, if you profit by a lie, then you're the same as a liar. If you write a great story but it's a lie, then you're just a liar who writes great stories—which is worse than an ordinary liar, because people who can write ought to be better than your average liar. You'll be a liar. And you'll let me down, and you'll let everyone else who works on this paper down, because you ought to be better than that. It's that simple!"

"No, Joyce. It's not that simple."

"Then let me put it another way," Joyce replies. "You need to behave as if Teddy was watching."

Rated PG-13 for some violence and language

Elapsed Time: DVD, scene 15, 01:06:55–01:08:35

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