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Supernatural Vision

As our plane ascended out of San Antonio, it passed an enclave of mansions. These homes had to contain at least seven to ten thousand square feet of space, with immaculate lawns and gardens, large pools, and huge garages. But from two thousand feet in the air, it's amazing how small these homes looked. Another few thousand feet, and they became mere playhouses.

And then it hit me: not a home on this planet looks big to heaven; no house looks huge to God. The things that swell our chests with pride look mighty puny from another perspective. …

And so I prayed, "Lord, help me to see this world with your eyes. Otherwise I might value what you despise and despise what you value."

It dawned on me that I was praying the prayer of St. Francis' conversion, the prayer that led him ultimately to reject his wealth and kiss the lepers. Most of us, however, don't win our spiritual sight in a moment; it comes or goes in fractional increments. By aligning ourselves with supernatural vision, we can keep ourselves from slipping away.

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