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God Answers Prayers for Janitor's Conversion

He arrived at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, during my junior year, 1947-48. A German who had spent time as a prisoner of war, he was now working as a janitor, sweeping the halls and cleaning the restrooms of Blanchard Hall.

Many of my fellow students had served in World War II; some had even been prisoners of war themselves. We heard that this man had served in the German military forces, but we knew nothing else about him. Had he been a Nazi himself? Or was he one of those young men who were obligated to serve their country regardless of political opinions? We did not know. And since he spoke almost no English, we could not communicate well with him.

The janitor had a pleasant smile, and we enjoyed greeting him in the hallways as he carried out his duties. As far as we knew, he was not a Christian, so Jim Elliot (who would later be martyred, ...

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