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"Blood Diamond": Father Reminds Son of Identity

The movie Blood Diamond depicts the world of "conflict diamonds" during the political and social turmoil of Sierra Leone's civil war in 1999. A Mende fisherman and a mercenary-turned-smuggler are on a quest to find a rare pink diamond, each hoping it will change his life.

Danny Archer (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) are at the site where the priceless diamond is buried. Solomon's son, Dia, who was once kidnapped and forced into being a child soldier, is with them.

Danny tells Solomon, "Keep digging, huh? They'll be here any second." Solomon digs frantically as Danny turns over a dead soldier's body. Danny feels a pain in his side and checks it with his hand. There is blood on his hand; he has been wounded. He tells Solomon, "It had better be there, huh?"

"Yes, yes."

"Have you got it?"

Solomon picks the diamond out of the hole. "Yes, got it. Oh, yes."

Danny looks up and sees Dia pointing a gun at him. Solomon, too, looks up in surprise.

"Dia, what are you doing?" Solomon asks. "Look at me. What are you doing? You are Dia Vandy. Of the proud Mende tribe." Dia points the gun at his father. "You are a good boy who loves soccer and school."

He walks up to Dia. "Your mother loves you so much. She waits by the fire making plantains and red palm oil stew with your sister N'Yanda and the new baby." Tears stream down the father's cheeks. "The cows wait for you. And Babu, the wild dog who minds no one but you."

Tears are now streaming down Dia's cheeks, too. Solomon continues: "I know they made you do bad things, but you are not a bad boy. I am your father, who loves you. And you will come home with me and be my son again." Dia puts the gun down, and Solomon hugs him.

Elapsed time: DVD scene 28: "I Am Your Father"; 01:56:00–01:58:35

Rating: Rated R for violence and language

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