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"The Comeback Season": Man Explains Slippery Slope to Affair

The movie Comeback Season is about Walter Pearce (Ray Liotta), a married man who has a one-time adulterous encounter with his assistant at work. When he confesses his indiscretion to his wife, she kicks him out of the house. Walter then enlists the help of Skylar Eckerman (Shaun Sipos), the local high school football star, to win her back. In this scene, Skylar asks Walter to explain the slippery slope toward his affair.

"How come you did what you did to her? asks Skylar. We're practically roommates."

"Uh … it just … um … evaporated," answers Walter. "I mean, we used to be in a good mood all the time—laugh and joke and whistling, making up songs. And then we started impersonating ourselves in a good mood. And then eventually we started impersonating ourselves. We stopped describing our future to each other. It … it just evaporated."

"So my assistant," Walter continues, "she looked at me, and I felt a connection. You know—that I was missing. And I went with her. And I told myself that I just wanted what everybody else had. But what I really done—what I really done, Skylar—is I gave up the kind of love that everybody else wants."

Elapsed time: DVD, scene 8; 01:05:53–01:07:29

Rated PG-13 for sexual content, language, and some teen drinking.

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