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"Wake Up, Church!"

Heidi Baker ministers to the poor in Mozambique. She writes about a vision she had:

I saw the wedding feast of the Lamb. There were huge, long tables laid out with the most beautiful food I have ever seen.
I heard the Lord say, "Wake up, Church! Wake up, Church! The feast is about to begin! The poor have not yet been called, and My house is not yet full. I want My house to be full!"
Then I saw the Lord Jesus dance on the garbage dump, and I was with Him. As He called, the children and youth began to follow and dance with us. Together, Jesus and I would stop and touch them; their bloated bellies would become flat, and their infected wounds healed. Their hair, turned brown by malnutrition, would become black and shiny.
He put beautiful garments of purple, blue, gold, and silver on them. He led them out of the dump and into the wedding feast and said, "You sit in front!" And the hungry children from the garbage dump sat at the head table.
I've worked in the garbage dump ever since, and many hundreds of children and youth have met the Lord and are being fed physical and spiritual bread.

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