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"The Ant Bully": Teamwork

The Ant Bully is a computer-animated movie about a boy, Lucas, who terrorizes an ant colony on his lawn by spraying water and stepping on them. In response, an ant wizard devises a magic potion that makes their enemy, Lucas, shrink to ant size. Throughout the film, the boy is forced to live and work with the ants. Along the way, he learns several lessons about courage and loyalty, and becomes sympathetic toward his little friends.

In this scene, Lucas and his ant friend Zoc are lying on the ground at night, staring at a lit-up city in the distance. Zoc asks, "So this city of yours, it's like a nest?"

"Well, yeah," Lucas answers. "Kind of."

"And the humans that live there are all brothers working together for the greatness of their colony?"

"Well, not exactly. It's a little more like, you know, every man for himself."

"But that's so primitive," Zoc chides. "How does anything get done?"

"Some people work together."

"Some. Why not all?"

"I suppose it's because of their differences."

"But it's the differences that make a colony strong. Foragers, scouts, drones, nurses, regurgitators—all are different, but an essential part of the whole. This is where we ants draw our strength."

Elapsed time: DVD scene 17, "Perhaps We Are Alike"; 01:01:22 – 01:02:09

Content: Rated PG

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