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Group Seeks Change Through Radical Prayer

In a small apartment in Washington, D.C., a group of young Christians have taken up a life of radical, intercessory prayer. Each person in the group strategically prays in shifts six days a week for eight hours each day. Then, in two-hour shifts, groups of six to ten gather directly on the steps of the Supreme Court to pray silently with red duct tape covering their mouths. The word "LIFE" is scrawled across the tape in black marker.

One of the group members is Matt Lockett. A suburban Christian for most of his life, Lockett used to think of prayer like most of us do. "I knew it was something I was supposed to do," he says. "But for me, it was a nagging responsibility." In September of 2004, Matt had a vivid dream that changed everything. In it, he saw God bring about an end to abortion in America through day and night prayer.

"My whole life and mental understanding changed after that," he says. Lockett and his family sold their home in Denver, Colorado, and moved to the nation's capital to join a budding prayer movement called The Cause. On the opening day of the Supreme Court session in October of 2004, the members of The Cause gathered on the court steps, each person's mouth covered with a red piece of duct tape.

From that point on, the members of The Cause have lived a life centered around prayer as a dynamic action rather than a passive event. "God has called us to put feet to our prayers," Lockett says. "My understanding of prayer is this: Stop living the American dream and live God's dream."

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