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Believers More Positive, Giving Than Nonbelievers

When comparing believers with those who consider themselves atheists or agnostics, the Barna Group found believers to be more positive, generous, and socially active, as reflected in these behaviors:

Likelihood to vote:
Active-faith Americans: 89 percent
No-faith Americans: 78 percent

Being active in their communities:
Active-faith: 68 percent
No-faith: 41 percent

Personally helping homeless or poor people:
Active-faith: 61 percent
No-faith: 41 percent

Yearly donations to charitable causes:
Active-faith: $1,500
No-faith: $200

Focus on living a comfortable, balanced life:
Active-faith: 4 percent
No-faith: 12 percent

Focus on accumulating wealth:
Active-faith: 2 percent
No-faith: 10 percent

Feeling of being at peace
Active-faith: 90 percent
No-faith: 67 percent

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