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Teen Finds Way to Help Amputees

After a traffic accident took both legs of Grayson Rosenberger's mother, she and her husband formed Standing With Hope—a ministry that reaches out in music and prayer to amputees in Africa. For most of his young life, Grayson wondered if he could somehow contribute to his mother's effort, making a difference in the lives of people who are sometimes looked at as "freakish" by their own people. But what could a 15-year-old from Nashville, Tennessee, do to help? Well, he could become the grand-prize winner in Sealed Air Corporation's Bubble Wrap Competition for young inventors!

Grayson used Bubble Wrap-brand packing material to develop a cost-effective cosmetic skin covering for prosthetic limbs. Through a careful process of using a heat gun to mold sheets of Bubble Wrap to the steel rod of a prosthetic limb, Grayson was able to give it a muscle-like tone and shape.

Out of the 800 students who entered the contest, Grayson took top prize—a $10,000 savings bond and a trip to New York City. He hopes to travel to Ghana later this year to fit some of his parents' patients with the low-cost limb.

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