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David Copperfield Claims to Own Fountain of Youth

In 2006, David Copperfield, the famous illusionist who made the Statue of Liberty vanish, purchased four tiny islands in the southern Bahamas. He paid $50 million, but he thinks he got a bargain. He believes that one of the islands contains the fountain of youth.

According to Reuters, "Copperfield is coy about his reasons for the fountain of youth claim, but the man best known for entertaining with grand deception insists his archipelago also contains the legendary waters that bestow perpetual youth. Seriously."

"I've discovered a true phenomenon," he told Reuters in a telephone interview. "You can take dead leaves, they come in contact with the water, and they become full of life again. …Bugs or insects that are near death come in contact with the water, and they'll fly away. It's an amazing thing—very, very exciting."

Even if Copperfield's claim turns out to be true, such a fountain would do nothing for the part of us that is dying most desperately—our souls. Those can be made new only through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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