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Statistics on the Prosperity Gospel

The cover story of the September 18, 2006, edition of Time magazine asked, "Does God Want You to Be Rich?" In researching for that article, Time phoned 770 self-reporting Christians across the United States and asked them to agree or disagree with the following statements:

Obtaining wealth…
God wants people to be financially prosperous.
Agree: 61 percent
Disagree: 26 percent

Material wealth is a sign of God's blessing.
Agree: 21 percent
Disagree: 73 percent

Poverty can be a blessing from God.
Agree: 45 percent
Disagree: 49 percent

Jesus was not rich, and we should follow his example.
Agree: 48 percent
Disagree: 44 percent

…And giving it away
If you give away your money to God, he will bless you with more money.
Agree: 31 percent
Disagree: 63 percent

Christians in the U.S. don't do enough for the poor.
Agree: 49 percent
Disagree: 43 percent

Giving away 10 percent of your income is the minimum God expects.
Agree: 39 percent
Disagree: 57 percent

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