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Insincere Apologies

Have you ever received an apology that seemed insincere? The following are some very public examples:

"It has come to the editor's attention that the Herald-Ledger neglected to cover the civil-rights movement. We regret the omission" (July 4, 2004). —The Herald-Ledger of Lexington, Kentucky, apologizing for the 40-year-old policies of the paper to relegate the coverage of sit-ins, marches, and the like to brief mentions in a column called "Colored Notes."

"The comment was not meant to be a regional slur. To the extent that it was misinterpreted to be one, I apologize" (Oct. 17, 2003).
Assistant U.S. Attorney Kenneth Taylor, apologizing for referring to potential jurors in the eastern Kentucky mountains as "illiterate cave-dwellers."

"I really, from the very bottom of my heart, want to apologize for statements I made about Christianity. I did it mainly out of frustration. At one time or another, I've offended almost every group. I'm sure I'll be apologizing again" (June 13, 1990).
CNN founder Ted Turner, apologizing for repeatedly calling Christianity "a religion for losers."

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