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'For the Birds': The Reality of Cliques and Gossip

For the Birds is a short film included as part of the Monsters, Inc. DVD. In the clip, several small birds fly onto a telephone wire and begin to squabble—chirping and pecking at each other. All of a sudden, they hear a loud squawk. Looking over, they see a giant, funny-looking bird perched on top of a nearby telephone pole. When the big bird sees that it has attracted their attention, it smiles and waves.

The little birds respond by mimicking its funny look and chirping quiet jokes to each other. Once they have had a good laugh, they walk along the telephone line to regain their privacy. But the big bird is in a friendly mood. It flies toward the group and settles on the line directly in the middle of the little birds, causing the phone line to bend down. The little birds slide down with it until they are all crammed together beside the big bird.

This does not make them happy, and they begin to chirp and complain loudly. The big bird misinterprets their protests, and begins to sing along with them. In frustration, one of the little birds pecks the big bird on its toe, causing it to swing down so that it is hanging onto the line upside-down.

Thinking that they have found a way to be rid of their burdensome intruder, other little birds begin to peck at the big bird's grasping toes, which begin to let go of the line one by one. The little birds too far away to peck began to chirp in a unified chant, egging on their comrades.

Soon, the big bird has stretched the wire almost to the ground and is hanging on with only one toe. As the little birds continue pecking away, one of them realizes their precarious position—not to mention what will happen if the big bird lets go completely. The little bird gets the attention of the other birds, and frantically signals for them to stop pecking. But he is too late.

The big bird's last toe gives way, and the phone wire springs violently upward, like a slingshot. All that remains of the little birds is a shower of feathers. The big bird falls to the ground, then climbs to its feet. About that time, one of the little birds falls next to him—now completely naked. After letting out an embarrassed squeak, it grabs one of the big bird's feathers and hides itself. The big bird laughs uncontrollably at this development.

In other moment, the rest of the birds plop down into the picture. Surprised and humiliated, they all run behind the big bird, who seems happy to have finally made some friends.

Elapsed time: The entire short film lasts 3 minutes 4 seconds.

Content: Not rated

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