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Handicapped Man's Only Sentences Were About Jesus

Louie and Jeanette, a couple in their 80s, have a 55-year-old son, Louis. Their son has been severely mentally handicapped all his life and is cared for in a fine institution. As Christian parents, Louie and Jeanette were concerned about their son's spiritual development and prayed for him often. But their son only speaks an occasional short phrase or a few isolated words at a time, so there was no way to know if he understood anything about Christ.

About the time Louis was 50 years old, an amazing thing happened. The family was together on a car ride when, all of a sudden, without warning or prompting, Louis began to speak. He said, "You know Mom, you know Dad, Jesus was born, Jesus died to save us from our sins. He rose again, yes he did." These are the only complete sentences they have ever heard from their son.

Louie and Jeanette were greatly touched by hearing those words from their son. It turns out that someone had conducted a catechism session for a group of people that included Louis a few weeks earlier. Apparently Louis absorbed more of the material than anyone could have anticipated. And his statement was all the assurance they needed that, for all his limitations, Louis knew about Jesus.

God can reach any heart and any mind with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Never underestimate his ability, nor his determination to do so.

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