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"Shrek 2": Dysfunctional Family Feast

Shrek 2 continues the story of an Ogre named Shrek who married the princess Fiona. The princess takes her new husband to the kingdom of Far Far Away to meet her parents. The King and Queen of Far Far Away receive a shock when they discover their new son-in-law is a big, green ogre, and Fiona now looks just like him.

The family sits down to a royal meal where personalities and prejudices begin to clash. A face off between in-laws escalates into name-calling and then a food fight.

The king and his son-in-law glower at one another from opposite ends of a long, ornate table.

"What kind of children can we expect from you?" shouts the king.

"Ogres!" Shrek yells in return.

Attempting to keep the peace, the queen adds, "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

"Not unless you eat your young!" shouts the king.

As classical music plays in the background, any illusion of family togetherness is buried under a barrage of harsh words. The anger spreads to husband and wife as Fiona screams at Shrek, and the queen shouts at the king. Suddenly the battle breaks out in earnest, and food becomes the weapon, completely ruining the feast. The crackers are crushed, the lobster is cracked, Shrek shreds the chicken, the king filets the fish, and a roasted pig sails high into the air.

Sarcastically, the queen says, "It's so nice to have the family together for dinner."

Content: Rated PG

Elapsed Time: 00:17:15 to 00:18:31, DVD chapter 4

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