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"A Thousand Acres": Dying Woman Chooses Unforgiveness

A Thousand Acres is the story of the long-term damaging effects of childhood sexual abuse upon two women, Ginny and Rose. When their aging father retires and leaves the family farm to his three daughters, a series of events leads to family conflicts and the release of pent-up resentment from the two abused daughters toward their father.

The scene begins with Ginny (Jessica Lange) in the hospital at the bedside of her terminally ill sister Rose (Michelle Pfeiffer), who is dying of cancer.

Rose says, "Ginny, I want to tell you some things, some practical things. I'm leaving the farm to you and Caroline. Not to the girls. I want all this to stop with our generation."

"Rose, I don't want a farm."

Rose explains that a corporation will buy the farm from them. Ginny puts a hand in front of her face and looks like she is about to cry.

Rose says, "No, don't do that to me. We're not going to be sad. We're going to be angry until we die."

Ginny quietly replies, "It's hard to bear, Rose." She wipes tears from her cheeks, stands up, and says she has to pick up the girls. She smiles sadly down to Rose and says, "What am I going to do without you?"

In a cool and calm manner, Rose answers, "Exercise caution while making up your own mind, as always."

Ginny smiles again, and Rose takes her hand. With conviction in her voice she says, "Ginny, I don't have any accomplishments. I didn't make a good life with Peter. I didn't see the girls into adulthood. I didn't keep Jess. I didn't work the farm successfully. I didn't even get Daddy to know what he did, or what it means. All the people around town talk about how I wrecked it all. Three generations on the same land, great land. Daddy, a marvelous farmer and a saint to boot. So, all I have is that I saw, I saw without being afraid, without turning away, and that I didn't forgive the unforgivable. That's my sole, solitary, and lonely accomplishment. That's something, isn't it?"

Ginny smiles faintly and nods in agreement.

Content: Rated R for sexual language

Time: 01:35:40 to 01:38:42 from the Touchstone Pictures logo

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