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"Joe Versus the Volcano": Man Awed by God's Splendor

Joe Versus the Volcano is the story of Joe Banks (Tom Hanks), a young man disillusioned with his dull, uneventful life. His doctor tells him he only has six months to live because of a rare brain disease. Knowing he will soon die, he accepts the offer of an eccentric billionaire who wants the mineral rights of a small island in the South Pacific. In exchange for all the money he can spend, Joe agrees to sacrifice himself by jumping into the island's active volcano, in order to appease the island people's gods.

The scene begins with Joe and his friend Patricia (Meg Ryan) floating on four large pieces of luggage that are tied together. Their boat sank in a storm while on the way to the island. Patricia is unconscious, and Joe is weak due to hunger and thirst.

Day turns to night and Joe stares into the surrounding darkness. Suddenly the top edge of a giant glowing ball arises in front of him. It is so close he can almost touch it. Wobbly-legged, Joe slowly stands up. Soon the full size of the brilliant moon is directly in front of him in a stunning, breathtaking visual. Joe is silhouetted in front of it and raises both his hands over his head. His face has a look of complete awe and reverence. As the moon continues to rise Joe sinks back to his knees and puts his hands toward his chest. He says in a fearful and reverent tone: "Dear God, whose name I do not know. Thank you for my life. I forgot how big…. (He pauses briefly.) Thank you. Thank you for my life." He is speechless and then faints in exhaustion.

Content: Rated PG

Elapsed time: from the start of the Warner Brothers logo 01:17:00 to 01:18:52.

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