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"Geronimo: An American Legend": The Cross of Peace

The film Geronimo: An American Legend, with Robert Duvall, Gene Hackman, and Matt Damon, is based on the story of the last Indian leader to surrender to the U.S. Army. With only about 35 Apache followers, Geronimo tries to escape capture by hiding out in the border mountains of Mexico. A sympathetic lieutenant is sent to convince him to surrender.

The scene begins with Lieutenant Gatewood (Jason Patric) and an Apache assistant finally finding Geronimo and his men on top of a mountain. The Indians are aiming their rifles at the two men. Geronimo (Wes Studi) walks out from behind them. He barks orders in his native tongue to his men and confronts the lieutenant: "Have they taught you to lie, Gatewood?"

"I don't lie. But the truth is General Miles will hunt you for 50 years. He's already sending your families to Florida, which is far, far away. Look around. See how few warriors you have left."

Geronimo responds defiantly. "If I kill White-eyes forever, I am still Geronimo. An Apache. Who are you, Gatewood?"

"Just a man, like you. And I want to go home. I want to see my family." He takes hold of a silver chain with a cross and pulls it forcibly from his neck. "My God…my God is a God of peace. A God of life, not death. What does your God say?"

Geronimo says, "Usen (the Apache god) is not here with us on the mountain. Tell me, what is in your heart?"

The lieutenant replies, "The war is over." Gatewood places the bright silver cross and chain in Geronimo's hand. "I offer this because it has power for me. Our fight must end here."

Content: Rated PG-13 for violence

Elapsed time: 01:36:52–01:38:31

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