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Forfeiting the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Europe's biggest-ever lottery, Super Enalotto, stood at 66 million euros. Without a winner, the jackpot rolled over for six months. The amount was too much for an Italian man living on his old-age pension to resist. Hoping he would be the long-shot winner, he purchased a ticket outside of Milan.

On the day the winning lottery ticket was revealed, the man was preoccupied with the details of his daughter's wedding. In the midst of the wedding chaos, the father of the bride forgot to redeem his lottery ticket. According to Italian news agencies, by the time he realized he had guessed the correct six-figure number, the deadline for claiming the jackpot of a lifetime had passed.

He had forfeited a prize never to be repeated. What was in his grasp and reserved for him, passed him by. Feeling faint, the man, who wished to remain anonymous, was hospitalized.

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