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"Gone Nutty": The Futility of Greed

The animated short Gone Nutty opens with Scrat, a neurotic prehistoric squirrel, storing up one last acorn before the Ice Age arrives. From all appearances Scrat has been very busy. As he carries this last acorn to his lair, an old hollow tree, we get a peek at his vast treasure-trove of nuts, which completely fills the inner cavity of the tree. Scrat lugs the acorn to the top of the tree, and tries to force it into the middle of the pile. It's a tight squeeze, but Scrat pushes the nut down into the center of the acorns. He looks pleased with himself.

As he begins to walk away, though, the nut pops out of place. Scrat calmly returns and pushes it back into place. As he turns to walk away, the nut pops out again. His frustration mounts as he pushes it back down into the hole. After the nut pops out a third time, Scrat becomes more aggressive. He jumps up and down on the acorn, trying to squeeze the stubborn nut into place. Finally the pressure causes the storehouse to explode, sending the acorns and Scrat reeling down an icy incline and off a precipice.

While Scrat freefalls down the deep gorge, he desperately reaches to catch some of the acorns tumbling alongside of him. He succeeds in grabbing a bunch of acorns, only to slam hard into the canyon's icy floor. As Scrat comes to his senses, he spots an acorn speedily falling toward him. He frantically tries to avoid the impact, but it is to no avail. What's worse, upon impact, the acorn actually triggers an intercontinental divide and leaves a beaten and bruised Scrat on an icy plateau. He reaches down to pull the one remaining acorn out of the ice. When he finally pulls the acorn free, it disintegrates into ashes.

Time elapsed: This short story precedes the movie Ice Age, beginning at the opening credit and ending at 00:04:16.

Content: Gone Nutty is not rated.

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