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Bill Bradley Seeks the True Prize

It was eight o'clock on a Friday night and Crystal City, Missouri, was blanketed in snow. Most of the seventh graders in town were out at the movies or in front of the tube, but not William Warren. Earlier that day, Bill had shoveled off the driveway beneath the basketball hoop on the family garage. Beneath the glow of a floodlight, with thin gloves on his hands, Bill was pursuing the prize.

He began at one position and shot and shot until he could make 25 in a row. Then he changed positions and began the drill again. For three hours a day and eight on Saturday, the gangly youth practiced the game, often alone in the gym or driveway, long ...

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Jerry Cannon

December 31, 2014  10:39am

This is a great illustration on commitment, service and pushing toward a larger goal. The connection to "Sunday school teacher" is significant and should not be missed if shared in a sermon. Outstanding!

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