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Why are the videos and video illustrations an additional cost?

At we want to provide our subscribers with the best visual media on the web today. Partnering with WorshipHouse Media allows us to be able to provide that, but there are still costs that need to be covered for WorshipHouse Media and the many producers who create the content that will be of great benefit to your church. Like all organizations, Worship House Media and the many film producers who create content have costs: payments to authors, salaries for editors and programmers, lights and heat, and so on. In order to create and maintain their ministries, they have to compensate designers and researchers, maintain computer servers, provide bandwidth, and more. Throughout the year, some of the videos available through Preaching Today's media store will be on sale at a discounted rate for subscribers of Preaching Today. We will highlight these discounted resources, along with the regularly priced resources on the main, through the main site and the weekly newsletters we provide.

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