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Where do you get preaching resources for specific holidays and special occasions?

In the dropdown box under the tabs Find Sermon Illustrations and Connect with Culture, click on the option "Holidays & Events." This will take you to a landing page that first lists all the holidays (in the order by which they fall in any given year) and then lists all the special events that come in any given year. Each holiday and special event on the list is hyperlinked. When you click on any holiday or special event, you land on a page that lists our newest illustrations, sermons, transcripts series, series ideas, and even articles related to that particular holiday or special event. You will also be led to more resources related to that special occasion.

You can also find access to our Holidays & Events resources by going to the homepages for Find Sermon Illustrations and Connect with Culture. Once you land on either one of those collection pages, scroll down, and in the box beneath the rotating panels, you'll find a tab for marked "Holidays & Events."

Two other suggestions if you're looking for preaching resources for specific holidays and events. First, make sure you check out our newest collection of illustrations each week. When major holidays or events are coming up, we try our best to provide you with the newest, freshest resources to speak into those occasions. Second, keep an eye on the News That Illustrates feature we produce each week in our weekly illustrations. News That Illustrates is a collection of links to articles that tackle current events, popular trends, pop culture, and much, much more. These links "speak to the times," often covering events and issues related to holidays and special events.

We produce helpful links all week long, too, through our News That Illustrates Twitter feed. Click here to follow us for up-to-the-minute resources! You can also gain access to some of these resources through our Facebook page. Click here to keep up with us on Facebook. (Note: You can access our Twitter and Facebook accounts via the white box to the right of the rotating images on any page. In that box there are options to sign up for the newsletter, receive an RSS feed for the site, and links to social media options related to By default, this box first highlights an invitation to sign up for the Preaching Today newsletter. Simply click on the tab marked "Connect," and you'll find links to our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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