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When I try to return to a previous PreachingToday.com page, I get the message that the page has expired, why? What can I do?

One solution is to check and make sure your computer's clock is set accurately. If it's inaccurate, the page sometimes times out. Also, if you're using Internet Explorer, go into "Tools—Internet Options", and click on "Settings" under Temporary Internet Files. The "Automatically" button at the top should be checked. Also, deleting cookies will sometimes solve this problem. For instructions on deleting cookies, please see the section titled I'm having difficulty logging in, what are some possible solutions? Beyond that, there isn't much we can do to fix this. Our technical team would have to see each customer's computer in order to assess what causes this problem on some systems. Clearly (and unfortunately), we can't do that. If you continue to have problems and cannot use our site, please let us know so that we can refund you.

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