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What are cookies and why does PreachingToday.com use them?

Cookies are small text files that your Web browser stores on your hard drive. These text files contain your username, preferences, and subscription information so the next time you visit PreachingToday.com you shouldn't have to log in. In other words, the cookie allows our server to "recognize" you when you return. Because our service restricts access to subscribers only for most of our content, a cookie on your system also allows you to view one illustration after another without having to provide your username and password for every single article and illustration you view. If you are interested in viewing the cookies on your computer, Internet Explorer stores each cookie as a separate file in its cache directory, called "Temporary Internet Files." Netscape stores all cookies in a single "cookies.txt" file, which is usually found in the same directory where Netscape is installed, but you should search your hard drive to be certain.

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