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I'm having difficulty logging in, what are some possible solutions?

Instead of using a bookmark or a favorite, try typing http://PreachingToday.com into the URL field. Then, log in as usual. Try logging out (when you are logged in to PreachingToday.com, this button is located on the top right of the site, next to your name) and then log back in. You may need to delete some cookies related to PreachingToday.com. Cookies are memory text files that save your login information. Sometimes, these cookies can become corrupted and they can prevent you from accessing the database. This is the most common cause of difficulty accessing PreachingToday.com.

Here are instructions for deleting cookies: Click on the Start Button (lower left-hand corner of desktop screen). Go to Run and type in iexplore (this stands for Internet Explorer). When your homepage comes up, click on Tools at the top of the screen. Click on Internet Options. Click on Settings. Click on View Files (this should bring up your "Temporary Internet Files" folder). In the folder that appears, single-click on one of the files under the Name tab. When one of the files is highlighted, or selected, hit CTRL + A on your keyboard at the same time to select all. When all the files under the Name tab are highlighted, hit the delete button on your keyboard. Close out of the folder and close out of the Internet Options box. After deleting all of your Temporary Internet Files, your computer welcomes you to each website as a new user until you have built up more temporary Internet files. So, when you visit PreachingToday.com, you should be welcomed as a new user and be able to log in with no difficulties.

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