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I'm getting logged out if I'm idle for more than 30 minutes, is there any way I can fix that?

By design, the typical "time-out" length for a website session is 20 to 30 minutes at most websites. What this means is that if there is no activity from a given user for that amount of time, the server ends the session. This is necessary in order to keep the server running properly, since each "open" session takes up memory on the server. Therefore, it ends the sessions that are no longer in use. The way we prevent session time-outs from logging-out a user is by writing a cookie to the user's browser. Depending upon your browser settings, cookies can be forced to expire when the session does, or they can be allowed to be "persistent cookies", which means that they remain on your computer either indefinitely, or until they are marked to expire. Our PT cookies are not marked to expire, so they should remain indefinitely. However, this depends on your browser settings: in Internet Explorer, you will likely need to set your Privacy setting to "Medium High" or lower, as setting it to "High" will likely disable our persistent cookies, and will cause you to be logged out when your session ends.

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