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PreachingToday.com has introduced new "Preachers Connect" feature

Contact: Brian Larson, Editor, or Matt Woodley, Managing Editor, 630-260-6200

Carol Stream, IL August 24, 2011- PreachingToday.com has added a new feature called "Preachers Connect". This feature will allow you to see all of the content from pastors such as Tim Keller, Francis Chan, and Haddon Robinson. It will also enable you to follow them through other mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, their church website, and any other websites they may be associated with. Other information that will be on the connect page will be any books and articles that were published by the pastor. It will also allow you to follow a pastor and get email notifications when something new from that pastor is put on the site.

"Preachers Connect is the place to go when you want to learn more about and from the preachers you respect," says Brian Larson, editor of PreachingToday.com.

To get unlimited access to illustrations, sermon ideas, skill articles and more, pastors can try PreachingToday.com free for 30 days.

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