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How do I set up an 'alert'?

If you haven't tagged any keywords in the My Alerts feature on, you don't know what a helpful tool you are missing. For example, if you tagged the word Christmas for an alert, during the Advent season you would receive an email each week notifying you of the new illustrations and sermons posted that week on our site that bear the keyword Christmas.

Talk about convenient! Are you preaching on prayer or revival in January, on the cross in March or April, on forgiveness in September? Tag those keywords now with an alert, and if we add anything new to our database on that topic, you'll know it. This saves you from having to check back each week to see if we've added any new content on a topic for which you've already searched our archives. It also keeps you abreast of our freshest material on any topic.

Here's how to give My Alerts a try. On the main menu, select "Find sermon illustrations," then "Browse topics." In the "All Topics" area in the upper left of the main white area on the page, next to the word "Advent" click on the icon of the folder with a plus sign (). Select "create an alert" from the drop-down list. You're done!

To manage your alerts, including deleting alerts, click on the My Account icon beneath the Main Menu at the far right (the icon is the human figure), then click on the My Alerts tab second from the right.

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