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How do I search to get the best results?

Click on the tab of the collection in which you want to search (Find Sermon Illustrations, Connect with Culture, Find Sermons, or Sharpen Your Skills). At the top of the page, find the Search box and type in the pertinent information—topics, keywords, Bible reference, speaker names, etc. Hit the Enter key to view the results. The results will come in tabbed form. The default tab will reflect the source of your search. In other words, if you did a search while on the Find Sermons page, the default tab will show results for all of the sermons in our database related to that particular topic or text. But on either side of the sermons tab you will see a tab for illustrations, videos, articles, images, and a tab that lists all resources related to your search. You can toggle back and forth in these tabs to find everything you are looking for related to that topic or text. Once you've found the maximum number of results, you can narrow the results according to source, audience, type, region, and tone in the left sidebar. Click on any of the links listed in that left sidebar and our search system will display only the content that have the particular filters applied that you choose.

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