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How do I find content that fits a particular Bible text?

In the Search box at the top of the page, type a Bible reference. The search engine recognizes standard abbreviations such as "1 Cor" for "1 Corinthians." (With books such as Corinthians that use numerals, you must use the numeral—1 Corinthians—rather than the word—First Corinthians.) Hit the Enter key. You can also search Bible texts by clicking on the link marked "Browse" at the bottom right corner of the search box. This link will take you to a landing page that lists all the books of the Bible. Click on the book related to your particular text, hit Enter, and all the resources related to that book—illustrations, sermons, videos, articles, and images—will be listed in the search results. To narrow your search, go to the Search box and type in the chapter and verse(s) you wish to search.

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