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I think you have a lot of content for my topic, but I'm getting very few results. Why?

First check to make sure you spelled the word correctly in the search field. If it's spelled correctly, check to see if we have indexed our resources using a different form of the word. For example, if you search on "Forgiving," you might not yield as many matches. If you search on "Forgiveness," however, you will get hundreds of matches. To check on possible forms of words, click on the "Browse" link at the bottom right of the Search box. This will take you to a landing page that lists all of our topics. Just below the "All Topics" box is a list of letters. Click on the letter associated with the keyword you have in mind, and check to see if your word is present or if there is a related word that will work. Also, try a search using synonyms and related ideas. For example, when searching "Easter," also search "Resurrection" or "Good Friday" or "Atonement" or "Cross." If you search by Bible reference (including lectionary searches) and get few results, try a topic search. For example, if you search on "John 3:3" and yield few matches, search on "Conversion."

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